Standard 4 column hydraulic press

2020-05-19 17:18:26

The four-column hydraulic press is suitable for the limiting technology of plastic materials. Such as powder product molding, plastic product molding, cold (hot) kneading metal molding, sheet stretching, and lateral pressure, bending, turning, correction, and other technologies.

four column hydraulic press

With self-powered power organization and electrical system, the button is used for centralized control, which can complete three operation modes: adjustment, manual and semi-active.

Principle: The oil pump sends the hydraulic oil to the integrated cartridge valve block, and distributes the hydraulic oil to the upper or lower chamber of the cylinder through each check valve and overflow valve. Under the effect of high-pressure oil, the cylinder moves.

A hydraulic press is a device that uses liquid to transmit pressure. The liquid follows the Pascal's law when transmitting pressure in a closed container. The hydraulic transmission system of the four-column hydraulic press is composed of power organization, control organization, performance organization, auxiliary organization and homework medium. The power organization selects the oil pump as the power organization on weekdays, and the accumulation type oil pump on weekdays. In order to meet the needs of fulfilling the speed of organization activities, one oil pump or multiple oil pumps are selected. Self-operated buttons for centralized control. It has two operation modes: adjustment and single hand reincarnation.

The integrated system of cartridge valve can be used for hydraulic control. It has strong measures, long service life and small hydraulic shock, which reduces the connection of pipelines and leakage points, or two types of hydraulic control on weekdays. The hydraulic machine has wide versatility and is suitable for various plastic materials Processing and forming, such as kneading, reluctant bending, hemming, stretching, etc .; can also be used to limit the forming of various plastics and powder products. In addition, it can also be used for correction, pressing and shaping of finished products.
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